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A Working Capital Advance or Merchant Cash Advance is an easy alternative to a bank loan. Repayments are flexible and are taken from your credit/debit card transactions processed through your card machines. This means you repay as you get paid, with repayments set at a fixed percentage of your card takings. Ideal for businesses that operate seasonally as you repay less in months with a low turnover and more in months with a high turnover.

An alternative business loan is any type of business loan that doesn’t come from what many deem a ‘mainstream lender’ such as a high street bank. Getting finance from a mainstream lender might be suitable and accessible for some businesses — but for many they are not eligible for finance under the banks rigid criteria’s. Alternative business loans or finance can therefore often be a solution.

Bank Funds provide two products via lenders: Alternative business loans and working capital advance/merchant cash advances.

As an introducer to alternative finance solutions Bank Funds are able to give the millions of business owners in the UK another choice when it comes to arranging finance. Many of our lenders take a more holistic approach to approvals, meaning they won’t just look at your credit score, but your business as a whole. So even if you have poor credit your business could still be eligible for finance.

No. Geographic location is not an obstacle for creative industries. We offer our service worldwide. Just to note we are based in Europe.

No. FinTech platform is made user-friendly so it is simple and easy to post a job or create a profile. Moreover, FinTech team will provide you any support you need!

By joining FinTech you will have a chance to contribute to the creative industry. Companies and professionals will be able to interact and by doing that – help each other to reach goals and surpass any limitations.

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